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The Magic of Pre-Pooing for Natural Curls

Pre-pooing is the act of applying oil to your hair before washing it. It can be done as often as you like, but 3-4 times a week generally works best. This helps your hair retain moisture and adds extra conditioning. Hair oils are typically used because they allow for easier distribution on the scalp and penetrates down to the follicle more easily than other products do. The most popular product is coconut oil, which has gained notoriety due to its health benefits like promoting weight loss and aiding in digestion by soothing intestinal issues.

Pre-pooing not only improves the quality of your curls but also reduces breakages that can happen when getting water on dry hair strands. Make sure you apply enough oil.

Curly hair is beautiful, but it can be a pain to manage. One of the best ways to keep your curls looking their best is to pre-poo with conditioner before washing your hair. This will help remove product buildup that can weigh down curls and dry out natural oils.

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Pre-Poo hair treatments

Cleansing your hair with a shampoo before applying your leave-in conditioner is important for all hair types, but it is especially crucial if you have natural curls. Curly hair has a tendency to be dry and frizzy, which makes it more susceptible to being weighed down by product buildup from daily use. It’s also common for curly girls who wash their hair in the morning to need a touch-up in the evening after work or school when they’re out of fresh water. A pre-poo can protect your locks from this type of buildup while adding moisture and luster back into them. The best time to do a pre-shampoo treatment on naturally curly hair is right before bedtime.

Pre-pooing your hair is a great way to prepare your strands for the hot oil treatments that you’ll be giving it. Hot oils can weigh down and damage your hair, so pre-pooing will help protect against that. There are lots of different products on the market that can be used as a pre-poo treatment. Still, many women swear by using an apple cider vinegar rinse before applying their favorite conditioner or deep conditioning product. This helps to seal in moisture and gives the ends of the hair some extra protection from heat.

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Pre-Poo on wet or dry hair

Pre-Poo for your hair is an all-natural way to prepare the scalp and hair shaft for deep conditioning treatments. This technique can be used on wet or dry hair before you shampoo. Here are some of the benefits of using pre-poo:

  • Prevents breakage from harsh shampoos that strip away essential oils from the scalp and strands
  • Stimulates growth by moisturizing dry, brittle hairs with essential oils
  • Improves elasticity by penetrating deeply into the cuticle layer of each strand to improve strength and moisture content in a safe, healthy manner. After a deep conditioner treatment, the results will last much longer than those achieved with regular shampooing alone.

Women are often looking for ways to keep their hair healthy, but many don’t know-how. One of the most effective methods is pre-pooing. This process involves using oils or conditioners before shampooing your hair, which can help reduce scalp buildup and make it easier for your shampoo to penetrate the cuticle layer of each strand of hair. The best time to use this treatment is right after washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo so that you have less product buildup on your locks.


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